Isolation Stuff

Its a trying time for everyone (including us introverts!), as we will likely be spending a few more weeks indoors to prevent the spread of Covid-19. It may be a scary and anxiety-inducing situation as we navigate through the uncertainty and try to follow as normal a daily schedule as possible, but there are things you can do at home to curb some of the unease and relax.

I've created this page to include some resources I have personally found helpful during my self-isolation, including blog posts, Spotify playlists, selected home workout videos, art activities and resources for artists and more.... 


Hopefully they can help you out too!

Music Stuff

Spotify Playlist

lofi hip hop beats - music to study/relax to

- By Chillhop Music

Suggested Albums (Google them!)

London Grammar

- Truth is a Beautiful Thing

Francesca May

- (Discography on Spotify)

The Script

- Sunsets and Full Moons

Entertainment Apps

Easy Listening

Jazz Radio

Family Faves




Family Activities


10 nature activities for kids

- By Danielle Wesley

Shameless Plug

4 Colouring Pages(Jpeg) to print out and Colour

Umbreon, Goose, Simba & Nala

Home Fitness Stuff




The 7 Best At-Home Workout Routines

By Steve Kamb


Dare Liberate (UK)

Artist Resources

Animation Course

FREE For a Limited Time!

Fundamentals of Animation Course

- Aaron Blaise

Colour Therapy

6 x Sailor Moon Colouring Pages

Jen Bartel

Colour Therapy 2

11 Colouring Pages

Robert Wilson

Photoshop Brushes

30 Free High-Resolution Photoshop Brush Sets


Better Yourself

30 TOP Character Design Tips

- Mark Rise

Thanks for making it this far! I'll be adding more stuff to this page as the days go by. I hope one or two of these might help you curb some of the self-isolation boredom and get inspired to create!


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